Wedding in Neapoli Crete
The Wedding of Michalis and Doksa in the beautiful Neapoli Crete!
Enjoy their story!

Cinematography: Alex KtistakisElena Mavraki

It’s always very important and a great responsibility for us when a wedding we film has a very strong traditional element. 
Crete is a place of tradition and it’s crucial that younger generations keep it alive.

Mixalis & Doksas wedding was something like a trip back in time but still very romantic and chic. 
Friends and family dressed in traditional cretan costumes, younger and older generations gathered together to celebrate this happy couples union.

The wedding took place in Neapoli and the celebration afterwards lasted until the morning! 
The melodies of the local instruments and especially the “Lyra” accompanied the couple and their loved ones perfectly while dancing, eating and drinking all night long!
Alongside with the family and the dozens of friends of the couple our crew also had a good share of fun that amazing day!!

Thank you Michalis and thank you Doksa for choosing us as your videography companion your special day! 
We will never forget your beautiful wedding!
Although a wedding day lasts, unfortunately, few hours we feel, just by looking at your eyes in our shoots that your love will last for eternity!

Wedding in Neapoli Crete – Destination Weddings