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The Wedding of Giorgos and Anastasia in the beautiful Heraklion Crete!
Enjoy their story!
Cinematography: Alex KtistakisElena Mavraki
Photographer: Manos Striligas
Venue: Epavli
This beautiful couple’s wedding was one of those days where you could feel electricity in the air! Love and happiness was everywhere around us! Every place we looked! Eyes with tears filled with millions of emotions!! That day, 27th of October was a day that the stars aligned for Giorgos & Anastasia. Their destiny had been fulfilled!! They decided to join their lives and start their journey at the Panagia church and the party took place at Epavli. Our crew proudly followed the happy couple to the venue until very early in the morning for a fiesta like we had not seen before!
Giorgo & Anastasia, Anastasia & Giorgo thank you so much for letting us share in that joyful day. We wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union!
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